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chinese market


PR China is the economic superpower of the modern age and due to its immense population,

also very attractive for European companies and projects trying to reach a new audience.


Despite common intentions to create and maintain new economic partnerships between two poles, the cultural and different marketing habits remain a challenge and a big potential at the same time.


The specifics of the Chinese market make perseverance, adaptation, and respect towards a new market imperative for a long-term success.


content censorship

Due to the content scanning of the media, both printed as well as digital, a special level of attention is required when planning and executing marketing content and campaigns.

platform bans

Many of the marketing tools and platforms we usually use - Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram - are banned in China, as well as the use of VPNs to access them.

cultural aNd linguistic differences

Translation to Mandarin is not just done linguistically but includes localization and adaptation of the text to the use and vocabulary of the target audience.

fast market changes

The Chinese market is increasingly saturated and diversified and is experiencing unprecedented technological advancement, which requires following the current trends.

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